Increase your Hitting Power

Learn our top 5 exercises to increase your roational and full body power so you can hit more homeruns next season

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About Athlete Academy

Our mission is to provide athletes worldwide the information, training, resources, and knowledge that will guarantee them the best possible chance to play at the next level. We bridge the gap between training and sport performance to provide a unique system for optimal athletic performance on the field. We train harder, smarter, and we get results.

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- Improve Athletic Power & Strength

- Develop Explosive Speed & Agility

- All Of Our programs Instantly Availble to You To Help Your Reach Your Athletic Goals

A Proven System Used With 100+ Athletes Using Scienced Backed Training Methods To Improve Your Performance In Any Sport

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High School and Collegiate Training

Our High School and College training program utilizes the advanced training principles adapted to each athlete in order to improve their muscular imbalances, deficiencies, build strength, and increase their velocity and explosiveness. Our athletes receive elite level coaching tailored for their specific sport and needs. 

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Day 1: Top Speed Training

Day 2: Lower Body Strength

Day 3: Upper Body Strength

Day 4: Acceleration & Top Speed

Day 5: Lower Body Power & Explosiveness

Day 6: Upper Body Power & Explosivness

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